A Call to Arms

See the enemy. Anxious thoughts, deep depressions, and other enemies of the mind can ruin anything that could have been good. We think a better situation will feel better, but the enemy turns any riches to dust.

Remember hope. Even when you feel nothing could work, fight anyway. Even when it feels hopeless, something might just work. It was the enemy that said you didn’t stand a chance.

Be resourceful. Therapy, medication, meditation, blood tests, light exposure, exercise, sleep, psychedelics, and anything else you can think of. Try any thing that might work.

Ignore those who fail to understand. Some think you should exercise for a year, to show off your dedication and commitment. Avoid medication until you’ve tried all the honourable paths. This is bad advice. It’s life and death, fight with whatever you have now, and win at all costs.

Attack on multiple fronts at once. Try a few things that might work. Make this a priority, even if it means dropping some other balls. Eventually, try everything that might work.