What I’m Doing Now

I’ve been studying and trying to figure out what’s important.

In February I began studying philosophy at the University of Adelaide. I’m writing a thesis, which will be to do with “Moral Uncertainty”. It all feels very fancy. Last year I was a lowly economics undergraduate: the academic gods have smiled upon me.

I’ve been trying to figure out what’s important. How I should spend my time. unlike my undergraduate degree, where I had a lot of freedom about how I learned things. Now, I have to also figure out what to learn, as well as how. It’s surprisingly difficult to know what’s important when you’re given so much freedom.

I’ve also been meditating consistently for the first time basically ever. I think of it as “trying to understand my own mind”.

Sorry for such a long time between updates, to be honest I didn’t think anyone actually read this website. Recently I checked my view statistics for the first time in years, and apparently a small number of people actually find this website and click on things. Shocking, but in a good way.

Last updated 22/04/2019