What I’m Doing Now

I’ve been travelling for the past 5 months. Mostly in Europe (especially Oxford and Prague), and now in Mexico. I thought I would live cheaply and work less – which is a good choice. Instead, I’ve had the good fortune to find many fun and useful projects to work on. As a result my lifestyle is more “digital nomad” than “vagabond”. I solemnly commit to making this choice only while its the best one. I have plans to visit(?) Australia in February. For now, I’m excited to see my parents again, eat tacos, and improve my Spanish.

Workwise, I’ve mostly been writing summaries of research papers for the Global Priorities Institute, and for my new blog, Million Year View. Hopefully some will escape my drafts-folder soon. I’m transitioning onto a new project.

Also, here’s a lot of photos of me transforming in lots of cities this year.

Last updated 10th December 2022

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