What I’m Doing Now

I’ve finished my studies in Maastricht for the most part, and now I’m exploring. A $10 bus here, a $20 flight there.

My life consists of walking around foreign cities, reflecting. Conversations and connections over a sampling of the worlds coffee shops and beer. Emotions moving between inspired awe at the most mundane aspects of foreign cultures and intense loneliness for familiarity. Here’s a couple of photos:


A little oasis in the heart of Budapest

DSC_0084 (3).JPG

Fireworks in Brussels


Staring out to sea on the coast near Dublin


Independence march in Barcelona

I’m still learning Spanish, I’m surprised at how much I can understand and express after just a few months. I can think and read to some degree of comfort, though I feel like I could do more to prepare for my upcoming immersion.

Last updated 11/01/2018