Exercise you love

If you want to get fit, try to find exercise that is fun. For me, it’s climbing. I want to go because I love it.

If you don’t have something that is fun, be a scientist. Try things until you find something you love. Each experiment will teach you something (even if it’s just what you don’t like).

Don’t be disciplined. Don’t go unless you love it.

Don’t worry about working hard. When I’m on a stationary exercise bike I think “when can I stop”. It takes mental effort to keep going. When I ride a bike outside, I want to go fast. I push my limits because it’s fun. (If you love stationary bikes do what you love too!)

See what happens when you ignore the resistance. Sometimes you won’t feel like it, even though you love it in general. See what happens if you go in that state. Our bodies try to conserve energy, so I often find it a blast even when I don’t feel like it today.

Get your friends involved or find new ones. A community will help keep you doing what you love.

But look for something else if you fall out of love. You’ll come back one day.

Part 1 of 2, the second part is about exercise you need.

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